“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”
Lovelle Drachman

Fun Times In Canada : Things to See And Do on A Toronto Staycation

While I was in Toronto this summer, I had a grand plan to explore Western Canada using ViaRail’s Great Western Way train route. The route starts in Toronto and ends in Vancouver, and takes about 4 days to complete if you’re not spending nights at any of the stops. Amazing views of the Rockies, scenic landscapes and a chance to see more of Canada? I couldn’t wait!
Alas, by the time I decided on dates and started looking at ticket and hotel prices, the trip was coming up to about $CAD3000. *Side eye @ travel costs in Canada*

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Oh Canada!

This summer I took a much needed break and spent two months in my second home, Canada. Two. Entire. Months. No work, or school. 
Over the course of my break, I came up with a couple reasons why Canada will forever be bae. Here are a few of them.

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5 Things I Noticed On My First Solo Trip

I’ve always celebrated my birthday in some way but the last time I recall having an actual birthday party was when I was 9. I planned it all by myself, had about 7 guests and a gourmet menu of jelly and soda. I’m not sure what activities I planned, but I remember having a fantastic time and patting myself on the back for an event very well executed.  

This year I ditched the party plans and decided on a solo trip instead!

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Fun Times In: Budapest - Itinerary and City Highlights

Over Easter I visited Budapest in Hungary. Flight and hotel prices were very reasonable (about £163 for a round trip), but the most exciting thing about this trip for me was that Hungary is quite close to Slovakia and Austria, so I could visit not one, not two, but three countries for the price of one. What?! The Naija girl in me was definitely sold. 

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Fun Times In: Morocco

In January 2017, I went to Marrakech (with 11 other girls!) to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

We made flight and hotel reservations in October 2016, and I remember both coming to about £200 per person. This was shortly after I moved to England from Canada, and at the time it was the lowest amount I had ever spent on a flight and hotel in my entire life. I was beside myself with excitement and felt like taking to the streets with a megaphone to announce my great fortune (I didn't).

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Missed Flight Chronicles

I pride myself on being a pretty organised and efficient person. Some people will disagree with me, but they’re haters and you should ignore them.

Fine, I’m pretty organised about 70% of the time. The other 30% of the time, I either plan and completely ignore the plan or I don’t plan at all and act like a vagrant. 

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