Hair Chronicles - A Feature & A Couple of Hilarious Mishaps

I recently did a (short) hair feature on, along with 3 other women who also have short hair.  The feature explores the rationale behind our choices to wear our hair short, reactions we encounter, low cut tips, and a series of other interesting topics. It's a fun read, and I totally think you should check it out here. While you're at it check out the blog as well, Kachee has some really cool content! Don't say I never did anything for you.  

First thing I thought while reading the post was how bomb short hair is. I peeped all the photos and was like YAAAAS!  I first cut my hair in 2004, back when big chops weren't a "thing" and I didn't know many people that thought having natural hair was being woke. Fast forward to 2018, it's pretty exciting to see short hair becoming more mainstream and short haired women being able to hold their own in edgy and fashion forward circles. 

Second thing I thought was  "Wow Femi, you can talk ehn! Is it a dissertation?"  Reading through my (lengthy) responses got me thinking about my hair journey, so I've decided to share three of my most interesting hair episodes with you. Grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the read.

1. That Time When My Wig Fell Off... At Work 

About a year after I graduated from university, I got a job as a Consultant at a software firm. I was really excited about the job since it was client facing, and got a wig made specifically because I wanted to "come correct" at my new job. The wig was too tight when I first got it, so I always wore it without the fitting clips. Over time it got looser but I just got so used to wearing it without the clips, I didn't bother with them.

On this lovely day at work,  I was in a training session. The set up of the meeting room was classroom style - rows of desks and chairs all facing the projector right in front of the room. I was seated at the last desk, right by the door. The trainer must have said something I thought was extremely funny, because I threw my head back in laughter (I know, I know. Who did I think I was?). Anyway when my head came back up and I felt a fresh cool breeze on my scalp. Pleasant, but curious. I looked beside me and saw my wig on the floor.

Throw back to my long haired days! I look so cute I just want to pull my own cheeks.  Mississauga, June 2013

Throw back to my long haired days! I look so cute I just want to pull my own cheeks.
Mississauga, June 2013


If this were a movie, the next few minutes of it would be in slow motion. I picked up the wig, perched it on my head, dashed to the bathroom to fix it, using the clips this time thank you very much. Oddly enough, none of my coworkers said anything about it, they either didn't notice or were too traumatised. 

Mississauga, September 2013

Mississauga, September 2013



2. That Time I Tried DIY LIKE A YouTuber (It Was A Fail)

I've told this story on my Instagram before. But I'll repeat it here because I'm a nice person. 

One time I decided I wanted to spice up my life by colouring my hair, so I dyed it honey blonde. But I'm all about taking things to the next level so I decided I'd up the ante and texturize my hair. Loosen up my curls a bit and look really cute you know?  I thought about it a bit and decided to do it myself.  I had seen people do it on Youtube all the time, it couldn't be that hard.

I bought the texturizer and read the instructions - it said not to apply on previously treated hair (i.e. coloured hair), but I ignored it because I have rebellious Nigerian hair.  I applied the product to my hair and danced in front of my bathroom mirror while I waited for it to do its thing. Little did I know what was coming. As I washed it out in the shower, my hair fell out in clumps. By the time I was done, I was left with what looked like a five year old tried to give me a mohawk... while blindfolded. I imagine an aerial view of my head would've been similar to a world map. Patches of hair in random sections showing land, and bald spots in other areas showing bodies of water.  In summary, it wasn't a pretty sight and I was mortified.

It was almost 5pm on a Sunday and I had to be at work the next day. I panicked and ran to a beauty supply store close by and picked up the only presentable wig I could find. I ended up wearing it for a few days but it was itchy, so I went to the barber shop and cut off all my hair. Well, what was left of it. When I took off my wig, the barber had the nerve to ask me where I got my last hair cut. So cheeky, lol!

The wig that came to my "rescue".  Montreal, June 2016

The wig that came to my "rescue".
Montreal, June 2016

Freedom after a few days of torture.  Montreal, June 2016

Freedom after a few days of torture.
Montreal, June 2016


3. That Time I Shaved My Head At Work

This isn't really a hilarious mishap, but I think it's worth mentioning.

I committed to shaving my head at work to raise money to go towards cancer research, as part of Macmillan's Brave The Shave challenge. At the time I had just reconnected with a friend who battled cancer (and WON, thank God!!!). Having been through a cancer scare just a few months before that myself, I kind of just signed up for the challenge when I heard about it without giving it much thought.

It wasn't till later when I got all the details that I realised it would be a proper shave. Like there would actually be no hair left on my head. I've had my hair pretty short before e..g after my colour mishap, but going completely bald felt different, and a little scary to be totally honest. I had a wedding in Nigeria two weeks after shave day, so I was going to be an afari korodo (peanut head) at the wedding. Great. And I had to do the shave in front of people at work, while it was being streamed live on YouTube! So nerve wracking. 

Anyway, I didn't chicken out and I ended up being part of a group of 13000 people who raised over £5,000,000 pounds for a great cause! I didn't look like a peanut head for nothing, yay!

Cheers after my shave. I was so shy! 
Sutton, UK. September 2017

Didn't look half bad at the wedding either, bless God.  Lagos, October 2017

Didn't look half bad at the wedding either, bless God.
Lagos, October 2017

So yeah, those are some of my interesting hair stories. Do you have any? Wigs falling off in public or while you're on vacation? Or do you have short hair? Let me know!

Thank you for reading!

Fun and Sun,